Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I always forget I can blog on my phone!

I got SO sick on Monday you guys. I thought the heat was just too high in my office and I worked diligently until past the babies' bedtime and came home with a slight stomach ache that I treated by eating spicy chili and drinking 2 beers. Then my stomach started THROBBING so badly I was awake in agony literally all night. I watched 4 TLC Duggar episodes, 2 or 3 Say Yes to the Dresses, This Is 40, and My Best Friend's wedding. I also took 2 hour-long hot bubble baths. I have had 3 unmedicated childbirths, and this pain was the worst I have ever known. At 4:41 am I cancelled my class for Tuesday. At around 8 I look this sick selfie because a bad stomach ache cannot keep my narcissism down:
 I think the dregs of Monday's mascara really made the whole look work. 

By 10. I could eat saltines and Sprite, and I was totally fine by afternoon. Which was lucky because today is Harry's snack day and I promised I would bring turkey leg Rice Krispie treats. 

Nailed it
Made some for Jack's class, too, because I was on a roll
Cooper looked hilarious eating them for breakfast (MOTY)
Dorothy helped Harry with his homework this morning 
Have we talked about Jack's hat and gloves? He loves them so much
Dorothy's boots came today just in time for the polar vortex. I thought I would regret not going pink like last year's but I think they are even more adorable in chestnut. Like a tiny college girl!

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