Sunday, November 23, 2014

Conference weekend: the unprofessional parts

Here is Dorothy sleeping on the couch the day we left all 4 kids with my parents and went by ourselves to Chicago for 2 whole nights. It was totally amazing. 

Unfortunately, the picture below is our shitty view from one of our 7th floor hotel room windows. The other window had a sort of lake view which was worse in a way because it made us feel bad about the room we could have had on the 23rd floor. But we didn't have that room because I lost my shit on the exec level elevator crammed with convention goers using it to go to the fucking 5th floor. So we asked for a room we could walk to and spent the whole weekend going up 7 floors by the service stairs. 
Thursday night we went out with our friend Dawn which made us feel about12 years younger because we all used to hang out together in Oxford Ohio. 

I also got to seey fabulous friend Amy who took her general fabulousness to a new level in a full-length mink. So jealous.   Also, she's the funnest. 
OMG American Girl!! I have been getting emails telling me to hurry up and get the girl of the year before she's gone, so I did. But maybe there was not really a rush given the inventory. Oops. 
We were totally tourists. 
And only bought for the kids. Sigh. 
Dinner last night was so much fun. 
And then I found myself eating second dinner at a dive bar at 1:30. Oops?

My high school speech coach!!
Then this morning I put my mom pants back on. Literally. 
Look at all the kid crap. 
Breakfast with Ben's grandma and it's back to the grind. 


  1. There were a lot of bald men at your fun dinner!

    Seven flights of stairs with kid stuff? Your husband really really loves you.

  2. So fun. We need a kid-free getaway like BAD.