Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ben the vampire

HOW could I write a post about my adorable lunch date with Jack and forget the funniest part?

Ben likes to tell the boys that he is a vampire-- he just slips in little tidbits every now and then, and they are about 85% sure he's NOT a vampire, but, as you'll see, the issue of his potential un-deadness is always a little bit on their minds.

Jack asked what we were having for dinner last night while we were at lunch because he is good at making conversation.  I said oven barbecued chicken, roasted broccoli, and garlic smashed potatoes.

"Is Daddy going to eat the potatoes?" he asked.

"Um, yeah?" I replied.  "I assume he will-- he thins they sounds good."

"Oh!" Jack said, his face lighting up.  "Then he can't be a vampire."

"Who the what now?" I asked, totally confused.

"Daddy is not a vampire if he is going to eat garlic on his potatoes," Jack explained slowly, like he was surprised I am so stupid but was committed to doing his best to not make me feel bad about it.  "Because vampires don't like garlic.  Do you see what I mean?"

"Oh," I said, finally catching on. 

"But let's not tell Harry," Jack said and laughed.  "Let him keep thinking about it."


  1. Too funny!!

    Our kids think all food, like strawberries and potatoes, are grown and harvested by unicorns.

  2. Ha!! I love first graders.