Friday, November 30, 2012

Why do I keep baking things?

Yesterday, I made no-bake haystack cookies, and they were too hard.  So today, I made them again, and they were too soft.  Coop and I ate them off wax paper with a spoon.  To compensate, I made monster cookies, each one with 1/4 cup of dough.  And I have eaten 2, which is the equivalent of 10 normal sized cookies.  Give or take.


Chrismukkah!  It's happening!
We went to the same adorable tree farm we go to every year and got an adorable fir?  spruce?  It's not a pine.  Kids were excited.
Pretty sure that's our tree in front
Even more sure that's it on our car
100% sure that's it in our living room
Ben put the lights on, but we are going to let the kids do the ornaments after basketball, a zombie thing on campus, and hockey.   Our plan for Cooper is to put only unbreakables on the bottom 3 feet.  Otherwise, he's got free reign. 

We had to rearrange the whole darn room for this tree-- is that normal?  Do people just move stuff around for a whole month?  Because it kind of drives me nuts.  Last year, we had room for 2 trees without moving anything, but I think we had less stuff.  I WANT TO PURGE.  (And not from the cookies).


Chiconky said...

You look great! And your tree is adorable. We're going to have to move something for ours, but we don't know what yet. Nothing major. I'd be annoyed to have to totally rearrange.

gina said...

Yes, I totally rearrange to accomodate our mammoth tree. It's so freakin' ridiculous the lengths I will go to for 30 DAYS!! But I love that you got a real tree. One of these years I'll do it. But for reals? I can barely water our dog bowl let alone a spruce.

Becca said...

You, the cookies, and the tree all look fantastic!

We will be temporarily relocating Time Out to accommodate our tree.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading your daily posts through November! Thanks!