Monday, November 12, 2012


Yesterday morning, Cooper took a bath after breakfast.  This is not unusual, given his penchant for yogurt, oatmeal, and feeding himself with a spoon.  Yesterday morning, though, he wasn't especially dirty (he had a bagel), but when Ben took him in his room to get dressed after breakfast, he toddled into the bathroom as soon as he was naked and tried to climb into the tub while saying "in."  This was so cute that Ben obliged and even filled the tub with bubbles (which is just California Baby baby wash poured in while the water is running, nothing spectacular, but Cooper LOVES IT).

Cooper played in the tub until the water got cold, and then he wanted to get out and get dressed.  No big deal, right?

Fast forward to around 1:45 when Ben changed Cooper before his second nap and remarked that he was seeing his first poopy diaper of the day, an oddity since Cooper is a regularly scheduled pooper and typically goes right after breakfast.  Again, not a big deal.

Fast forward to 5:45 when I was cleaning up dinner and putting away all of the random stuff we bought at Target.  I went into Cooper's bathroom for the first time all day with an armload of toothpaste and new tooth brushes.

The smell almost knocked me over.

I started looking around for poop, but the toilet and the area around it was shockingly clear (shockingly because Jack is not the neatest in the bathroom).

Then I looked in the tub.

I immediately called Ben upstairs.  "What?" he asked, holding Cooper.

I took the baby.  "Go take a look in the boys' bathtub," I said, "And then come back and tell me what the eff is going on."

He came out rolling with laughter, and I laughed so hard I was crying.  Cooper clapped his hands.

As soon as we caught our breath, Ben called Jack upstairs and asked him if he pooped in the tub. Jack loves a good nonsense question, so he cracked up and said no.  But the more he thought about it, the more he thought it was hysterical and wanted to take credit.

Harry came up, too, because he is nosy like that, and the sight of the bathtub had him in stitches.

"You better clean that up, Mama," he told me.

Ben and I continued to laugh after the boys went downstairs because what is funnier than poop, and what is funnier than the fact that both Harry and Jack were in an out of that bathroom all day long to pee and wash their hands and they never noticed the smell?  Boys are so, so gross.

I was also laughing because when I first saw it, I thought it could be anyone.  I immediately ruled Ben out because he was sober all day.  But seriously, I live in a house where at least 3 people could have legitimately taken a dump in the tub.  zOMG.

Really, though, Cooper was the only logical choice today.  He definitely goes to the bathroom right after breakfast, and the bubbles definitely obscured the evidence.

At bedtime, before Cooper's second bath of the day in the sparkling clean tub, Ben and I had yet another chuckle over the whole thing.  Cooper caught our eyes and laughed, too.  "Cooper," I said.  "Did you poop in the bathtub?"

"Yeah," he said, laughing and clapping his hands.

Awesome-- so glad we made such a big deal about the whole thing, you know, lavishing the whole incident with positive attention.  Who knew he knew what was going on?

I have no pictures of the poop (you're welcome), but I do have these of Ben eating Cooper.  He's so ticklish.


  1. Tripod6:38 AM

    LOL again. This is like that Clorox ad about "life's bleach able moments " Did Cooper realize that it was HIS poop everyone was looking at the whole time? He just didn't bring it up...good call, Cooper.

  2. I, too, am somewhat stunned at the realization that you live in a house in which three different people might be suspected of pooping in the tub. At least you'll never run out of laughs!

  3. I also live in a house in which three people might have pooped in the tub.

    Hilarious post! I love picturing you guys all cracking up together!