Thursday, November 15, 2012

No school today

Harry and Jack didn't have school today because of parent-teacher conferences, and it made me think HOW IN THE HELL DID I SURVIVE A WHOLE SUMMER?

Cooper is a bit of a challenge these days (an adorable and sweet and lovable and cuddly PITA), and when he is awake, I am a prisoner in the basement.  On the floor.  Not reading a magazine, or else he'll eat it.

But as long as the world stops and he is the center of all attention and can wander freely from room to room playing with whatever he wants, and I am doing NOTHING for myself or others, he is so happy and delightful.
During his second nap, the big kids and I finally opened the human body experiment kit Jack "bought" Harry for Chrismukkah last year. (After I cleaned up lunch, put away laundry, and did all the other tasks I can no longer do while he is awake).

Here they are listening to their hearts and stomachs with the balloon stethoscope they made

And then they blew up balloons to see how much air their lungs hold.

Here's Harry building a tower.  He discovered that it is easier to do it with no eyes and 2 hands than with 1 hand and 1 eye.
Jack is doing a sound memory test, trying to distinguish between grains of rice and chocolate sprinkles.
And there they are fighting over Buzz Lightyear dolls because clearly 4 is not enough.
Cooper outdid himself making a mess at dinner.  Look at his sweatshirt.
And he finished things off with a Halloween Joe Joe.
Clearly the shirt had to go.

The highlight had to be the bike riding playdate we had with a bunch of neighbors down the street where Cooper lost his shit and Harry dropped a 4 year old girl playing ninja.  Why was he holding her in the first place you ask?  Bad choices, I say.

But you know what?  THEY HAVE SCHOOL TOMORROW.  The big ones, anyway.


  1. Dude. You still have Halloween Joe Joes? I'm super impressed. That shit lasts about 4.3 seconds in my house. I literally hide some for myself.

  2. This does not make me optimistic about Thanksgiving week.

  3. I would like to mention this is my FAVORITE MONTH OF THE YEAR!! Not because Thanksgiving & Christmas are looming, but because I know I will get a chuckle out of your daily posts. Thank you for being so dedicated to NaBloPoMo :-) ~KJ