Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Two work days in a row? WTH?

It was as if I just woke up today and realized that the semester is over in a few weeks.

Actually, that's exactly what happened.  I was thumping around my bedroom/bathroom like an angry bear this morning thinking that I only have to come up with a few more semi-pro outfits and set my alarm like 8 more times before the semester is over, and I am off for a month. 

Immediately after this thought, I realized that I have a ton of prep work to do in the next few weeks, so that I can spend my break the way it should be: on the couch in front of the TV while the kids are in school and Cooper naps.  Not hunched over my desk making syllabi and course schedules.

So I spent the whole damn day working on either my reproductive rights class or the new course I am proposing.  Then I had to go home and be on solo kid duty all night while Ben had class. Yikes.

Tomorrow, I have a full day of Little Gym, volunteering in the kids' classrooms, baking, and packing to look forward to.

And hey, isn't global warming neat?  It was like 50 degrees this afternoon, so we played outside until it got dark (at like 4:45, which SUCKS)
Harry is totally sure that a beaver has built a dam in this pond
Jack cannot ride downhill because he can't use the breaks on his bike, and Harry cannot ride uphill because he is lazy.  They are quite a pair.
When we came home from our walk, we were disturbed to see that the bubbles we blew thirty minutes earlier were on the driveway, unpopped.  Weird.


  1. The bubbles are super weird! I'd be freaked out too!

  2. It was 82 here today. I am not amused by this. We went to the (indoor) pool.