Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This is the most disgusting sustained pregnancy craving I have ever experienced:  chili cheese Fritos.  I mean, gah.  Regular Fritos would be gross enough, but chili cheese?  What's next? Funyuns?  And I have to eat them in secret because I am not going to let the kids eat that crap.  I just ate lunch in my office and demolished the little baggie of them I packed, which means they're all gone from my house, and I am NOT buying more.  Except, of course, I AM buying more, possibly on my way home, so I can enjoy them with with the turkey frame soup I stayed up late making.

Harry came bursting into our room at the crack of 5 this morning (which totally sucked for me because my alarm was scheduled to go off at 5:30, so I never really went back to sleep) to report that he woke up and his tooth fell out (?).

Not this first tooth he ever got:
But the one right next to it:

Our friend Dan told Harry a few weeks ago that the tooth fairy leaves $20 a tooth.  Hahaha, right?  Would have been except that a special snowflake (perhaps the specialest of snowflakes) in Harry's class actually DOES get a $20 from the tooth fairy (wrapped up in a ribbon, no less) every time he drops a tooth, so Harry assumes that's what he'll get, too.  And he's right.  Who am I to ruin the magic, especially as we prepare to enter the season of magical lies to small children?  So, thanks a lot, Dan and Snowflake.  Kids have a lot of teeth.

Picture of Harry's first tooth from this blog on 1-26-07, a time when we were downright gleeful about buying our condo that we still own and will probably never be able to sell ever.  Ah, nostalgia.


  1. Amazing how big our "babies" are!

  2. And James got up at 5 today too. Special times.

  3. I loved going back in time to see little Harry and his first tooth. Congrats Harry. You're rich!

  4. WTF? $20 for a tooth, wrapped in a ribbon? Those parents should be required to fund the tooth fairy bills of the rest of the class. AND spray the twenty with glittery "fairy dust"