Sunday, November 18, 2012


Saddest thing ever at breakfast today.

I used my new coffee mug that has the kids' hockey picture on it.  Underneath their picture it says Harrison.  Ben and I cracked up when we saw it because it's SUCH a middle kid thing, right?  Doesn't even get his own name on the picture.  The pictures of them together were on Harry's order form, and even though Ben purposefully left the caption box blank on the mug order, the company defaulted to putting just Harry's name under the picture.  Oops.  No big deal, right?

Both kids noticed, and we explained that it was a mistake.  They didn't say anything else for a few minutes.  Then Jack said, "Maybe it's because Harry's smiling bigger."

"What," we asked.

"Maybe that's why only his name is on the cup."

We felt terrible and explained AGAIN that it was a simple mistake.  He said okay and went back to his cereal.  A few minutes passed, and he said, "Maybe it's because Harry is taller."

At that point I dumped my coffee in the sink and put the offending mug in the dishwasher. Ben is calling first thing in the morning to order another mug that says Jack and to make sure their pictures don't just have Harry's name on the bottom.

Getting a little big for the Bjorn

Cooper scavenges the big boys' breakfasts when they are all done

Harry loved his pumpkin crunch pie sample at the grocery store so much that he ate part of the spoon, which cracked him up

The only way Coop can shop without screaming

Alarmingly, we happened upon Ben like this in the afternoon.
Harry's nighttime reading materials.  Ha!


  1. Haha reading material. Poor Jack! I hope you get the mug thing sorted out.

  2. Love the reading material! I hate this season because Eli gets OBSESSED with catalogues, but I would totally let him have the American Girl one. Though maybe it's the six year old version of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit edition?

  3. I am flummoxed by the idea of getting the Ergo on my back with the baby in it by myself. There's probably a you-tube video for that?

    Poor Jack. "Maybe it's because Harry's smiling bigger." That does pull at the old heart-strings.