Friday, November 09, 2012

The floor that changed my life

I used to spend about an hour a day on my kitchen floor, sweeping it, mopping it, obsessing over footprints, yelling at everyone to wear socks (BUT NEVER SHOES) so they wouldn't mess it up.

It was laminate and really shiny.

Then we replaced it with hand scraped hickory.  I gotta  tell you, I am not totally aesthetically pleased with the new floor-- it is a little too rustic to be my ideal.  BUT, you can't see ANY DIRT.  Seriously, I don;t mop the floor unless Cooper eats something red or I notice my feet are getting dirty on the bottom.  It has been so liberating and life changing.  Not even being a little bit sarcastic.

If we move, I will immediately put this exact floor down in our new house, even the bedrooms.

The other day, I cleaned up lunch and thought I was totally done and then I noticed this huge piece of toast in the middle of the floor.  HA!  A whole piece of toast!  I didn't even notice! (Sometimes Cooper eats toast for lunch-- carbs are just a cream cheese delivery system for him.)  I love being a sloven.
Also, my Halloween candy plan worked-- the kids haven't asked for candy in days.  I, on the other hand, cannot keep my fat face of the bag.

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  1. OMG, I thought that toast was a knot! Best floor EVER. We would like to do wood at some point, so I will keep this post in mind. Good to know.

    My kids are over their candy too. I am not, unsurprisingly.