Saturday, November 03, 2012

Adorable Hockey

I know that hockey is not a sport most people pick for the adorable factor, BUT OH MY GOD IT IS SO CUTE.

So cute, in fact, that we signed Harry up, too.  He and Jack can skate this year in the same league because they are both beginners, meaning that they have the same twice-a-week practice schedule.  Although they both missed last week for haircuts at my fancy schmancy salon (I have not been missing out on ALL the girly things despite having boys).  And Harry had to miss last Saturday for soccer.  And neither of them is there today for other commitments.  BUT STILL.

When we go, it is freaking darling.

Here are a few shots of Jack skating like a pro and falling down like a major drama queen.

I didn't realize how hard the gear was going to be to put on until my first solo trip to the rink.  But it is!  Hard!  New respect for Sarah Palin, mark my worlds.

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