Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Elf Diaries

Tree! It's really fat, and we need to trim it if we want to have room for a topper.  And, it smells delicious!
On night #2, our elf Toofy hid face down in these balls, I think so Ben could hear Harry say "Toofy is face down in the balls" and Jack say "Toofy is swimming in balls."
But on night #1, he was just kicking it on the couch with some candy and stickers and a calendar.  So far, Jack is opening the even days and totally getting the shaft.  Harry has a guy and a huge Lego Christmas tree.  Jack has a chainsaw and tree stump and a step ladder. 
Cooper will drink anything lying around that has a straw, so keep your eye on your milk box, people.
He also has a love/hate relationship with these walking dinosaurs.  The big boys have several of them, and they like to surround Cooper and watch him alternately try to touch the dinosaurs and shrink away from them.
On Saturday, we went to a zombie thing on campus sponsored by various science departments.  Harry and Jack made red blood cells, white blood cells, and plasma out of Boston baked beans, marshmallows, and corn syrup.
They got vials of Hawaiian punch and Hershey's syrup blood
Jack made a bloody zombie finger pretzel stick, and they both learned that if you drop a screw inside a balloon, hold the balloon  like a bowling ball, and swirl it around, the balloon screams.
Cooper was very interested.
Harry got to touch lungs
and a brain
some intestines, and animal heads that had been cut clean in half with a band saw.  We saw a dog, a horse, and a cow head.  Harry also mocked the size of a cat brain.
Then!!  We went to lunch at a RESTAURANT (our favorite dive that makes the best fried green beans), and Cooper was sort of okay (as long as we left him alone to dump that cup all the hell over himself)
Jack, transfixed by Taylor Swift.
Harry playing with my Hanukkah wrap.  (I am so excited to wrap our Hanukkah presents!!)
Night number 3, Toofy snagged an elf from the tree, and they played Wii.  Harry and Jack thought that was about the funniest thing EVER.  Until, you know, this morning when Toofy was on their DRESSER.  zOMG-- hilarity.


  1. OMG Zombie Day sounds disgustingly AWESOME. I wonder if they'll do that down here sometime.

  2. Zombie day sounds totally cool! And when did Cooper get so freaking big?!

  3. Holy crap! That zombie days sounds horrifying and cool and I don't know how I feel about it all!!!

    I may never stop laughing about Toofy being "facedown in the balls". Ben is a laugh a minute, isn't he?