Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Work work work

And all week I have been bitching about how hard it is to go to work.

Today, I spent 45 minutes at Little Gym*, 45 minutes in Jack's class stuffing folders and filling back packs and making turkey hats**, and an hour in Harry's class talking about my job and reading with my cute little Wednesday morning reading group***.

Then, Ben left to get an oil change and buy some hockey skates and a helmet so he could skate with the boys tonight and hit up Whole Foods for a curried chicken wrap for me and picnic stuff for everyone else so we can eat lunch on our way to my grandma's (AND THEY WERE OUT OF CURRIED CHICKEN WRAPS AND SONOMA CHICKEN SALAD WTF??).

Cooper and Jack and I went for a walk/bike ride and fought our way through the crowds at Target and a specialty grocery store.

At home, Cooper did NOT nap (but he did have crib time) while Jack watched Up and I baked a bajillion cookies.

Ben and Harry came home, and the boys made a math turkey (don't ask) while I baked and Ben and Coop ran another errand.

Ben and the bigs went to hockey and dinner.  I fed Cooper and tried to clean up my baking disaster while he ate but didn't get very far.  Cooper and I cleaned up the toy room and the family room and picked out clothes for the kids to wear on our short Thanksgiving trip, which I get to pack soon.

After he went to bed (at 6, thank goodness and no nap), I finished the kitchen, which was a huge mess-- even had to wipe down all the appliances, cleaned both upstairs bathrooms, and dusted and vacuumed the downstairs.

Ben and the boys came home for showers, and after they were done, I cleaned the downstairs bathroom and finally ate something besides Hershey's kisses and cookie dough.

Ben and I just this minute sat down to watch DVR'ed TV from Monday, and we are EXHAUSTED.  I guess work days are way easier after all.

*It was rookie day at LG, all the nannies replaced with parents who had the day off and didn't know a damn thing about LG.  They wore shoes!  They let their kids start walking on the wrong side of the beam!  They spotted in the hands and arms, not the torso!  It was madness.

** More about this tomorrow. zOMG.

*** Ironically, since I was talking about public speaking, my presentation SUCKED.  But any presentation would be awful because a Big Ten football coach came in last week. How do you follow that?  Not by telling kids they should go to school for 25 years.  Couldn't even impress them by saying I'm a doctor because a REAL doctor also came in last week.  Also, asking a class of 6 y/os to answer your question gets out of hand fast.

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