Thursday, November 01, 2012


Like 95%of the mom blog world, I am going to begin this month by talking about LAST month.  Halloween, in particular.  Let's start with the food, shall we?  Because I am getting fat like it is my job.

After school today, we made witch cupcakes.  It was really fun.
Look at our concentration.
We also made brooms.
Believe it or not, Harry did this tray all by himself.
I sent the kids to school with clementine jack o'lanterns
and these gross looking cheese stick monster fingers (green pepper nails stuck on with cream cheese)
Even the kids' breakfast bagels wore costumes

I love Halloween, and I am so happy to have such a trick or treatable neighborhood.  There were lots of carloads of people who came here to ToT, and I was so happy to see them-- that was us a few years ago!

As you can see, we carved our pumpkins WAY TOO EARLY and the freakishly warm weather we've had for the last week caused them to sink in on themselves and rot. SUCH a festive back drop.

Cooper wore his elephant costume for maybe 10 minutes. Then he lost his shit and had to go home.  But we got pictures!

I continued on with these monsters

 I watched them do this, Jack clambering up lots of stairs in his clown shoes and Harry taking his mask off and painstakingly adjusting it between houses.
 Until it got dark, and Jack finally pried the Crocs out of his clown shoes and wore them instead, which let us cover ground a lot faster, which was good because despite my long coat and Uggs, I was FREEZING, and harry could not stop complaining about how his shoulder hurt from carrying his basket.
 The pumpkins did not look as sad in the dark.

I introduced the kiddos to my love of sorting candy by type, and we all gt a sugar high and crashed hard and unexpectedly.  A perfect Halloween!

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  1. Perfect!

    I wish I'd seen your clementines before I sent my kids off to school with ordinary fruit!