Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Last night we got a couple of ginormous boxes from Amazon and after we unloaded our unwieldy new stuff, we left the boxes in the family room for the kids to play with when they woke up.

"I need to color on those boxes," Harry told us when he came upstairs for breakfast.  "One of them is a rocket ship, and it needs lots of buttons."

He continued to chatter at us so aggressively that we didn't really notice how long it was taking Jack to join the rest of us.  He came up the stairs a few minutes later with red cheeks.

"Those box houses are hard to get out of, you know," he said.

Oh, Jack.  He's so silly.

Here he is trying to get water from the fire hydrant (erm?)

 This is his purse.  He took it from my room when he was not quite 2, and he's been using it ever since.  It mostly hangs out in the yard now.
 And here he is being a walrus. He waited through my entire shower to show me this trick.  I'm glad he didn't hurt himself!.  I suggested he take the pretzels out of his nose (after I took a picture, duh), and he did.  They were a little damp at the top (eeeeew!) which he noticed.  But he ate them anyway.
I went to the OB yesterday. In 22 weeks, I have gained 10 pounds, 7 of them in the last 2 months.  Oops.  So, that means I have 11 pounds to go before I reach my MAX PREGNANCY WEIGHT and 18 weeks to go.  Hmmm.  Something tells me this math is not going to come out in my favor.  No more Girl Scout Cookie binges!  Much less baking!  Workouts 7 days a week, not just 5!  My goal is to have gained NO WEIGHT when I go back to the doctor after Christmas.  (Yes, I know the baby will gain a little, but maybe my ass could lose some?)  Probably, this won't happen, but if I could just increase at half a pound a week from here on out, I'd be really happy.  Just because I started 10-ish pounds overweight doesn't mean I have to end up 10-ish pounds heavier than my usual delivery weight, right?

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  1. The pretzels! OMG! So funny/gross!

    Jack's a cutiepie!