Thursday, November 29, 2012

Clearly, they got my crafting abilities

Before bed, Harry and Jack worked hard on some more card stock crafts-- these are ornaments they made to go on the laundry room door to replace our dried up fall leaf graph.

They took their work very seriously.

Here is a mitten that I made last night.  The colors look better in person (the mitten is golder, and the cuff is red and white), and when all 17 of them are together with different colors and patterned cuffs, they look kind of shabby chic and cute.  Or that's what I am telling myself. They also look kind of gluey and misshapen, but there is a reason that I am not an elementary school teacher myself, and you're looking at it.   On the other side they say "Our teacher is great because," and the kids are supposed to complete the sentence. Then, I am going to string them all together (with either yarn or brown twine) and give them to her with a class gift card.  Since I volunteer in the classroom every week, if anyone hasn't turned in a mitten the week before winter break, I can make one with them real quick.
Jack's finished ornament.  One thing he has definitely learned in 4K is how to glue stick the shit out of something.
Harry's.  God he loves glue and glitter.
So this afternoon, I am lying on the floor propped up on a pillow reading Glamour while the kids play around me, and Jack says he wants to read magazines with me.  He grabs November's Glamour off the shelf and says, "That girl is hot."

I look up, shocked.

He is staring at Taylor Swift on the cover.  "That's Taylor Swift," I say.

"Taylor Swift?" he asks.  "She's a real person?"

"Yes?" I say, unsure what the hell he's talking about.

"I hear her on radio Disney.  I love her," he says.  "I am going to marry her.  She's a singer.  Do you think she has a billion dollars?"


"She's a billionaire and a teenager?  Wow."

I help him find her spread inside the magazine, and he looks at it until dinner saying. "Taylor Swift.  Taylor.  My Taylor," over and over.

After dinner we come back downstairs and he says he needs to check on his baby.  I assume he means the doll he and Cooper have been playing with lately.  Nope.  He's still talking about Taylor Swift.

What the hell?


  1. That. Is. Awesome. Taylor my Taylor!! OMG. You are in trouble!

    I like your mittens and the fun teacher gift idea!

  2. Oh dear. Although I guess Taylor Swift is an okay choice. She is cute, and she does make a fuckton of money. And I don't think she's been hospitalized for "exhaustion" yet.

    Love your mitten craft! I vote for the brown twine, FWIW.

  3. OMG about Taylor Swift. I say best of luck to Jack in his romancing her. And good luck to you as well...

  4. HAHAHAHHAHAAH!!!! My Taylor. I love it. Give him a few years, he can be the Ashton to her Demi, but without Kabbalah and whatnot.