Friday, November 02, 2012

Halloween Hangover

I love this picture more than I can tell you.  Poor rotten little pumpkin.

I was going to write a super smug post about my laissez faire candy attitude and how it is awesome-- way, way awesomer than making your kids ditch their candy the day after or rationing their candy so it lasts til Christmas-- but about 4 yesterday, my own rotten little pumpkins imploded, and I can't help but wonder if it was the candy and MOAR CANDY they had been eating since their got out of bed before we were awake and went downstairs to watch TV and were delighted to discover their candy on the coffee table where we left it.  Oops.

The thing is, we eat really healthy food everyday.  So when the kids get a gluttonous amount of candy-- namely V-Day, Easter, Halloween, and Christmas, I let them eat it whenever they want.  And they lose interest in approximately 36 hours.  Their Easter candy, for example, got moldy in the pantry -- on the fully accessible BOTTOM shelf-- because they stopped eating it a day and a half after Easter.

But yesterday-- zOMG.

Harry has a stiff neck.  And until I realized it correlates to his gymnastics class, I thought for sure he had meningitis (because on Tuesday when I volunteered in his classroom, another kid also had a stiff neck).  Yesterday, the nurse called me and said he kept going in for ice packs-- I didn't get the voicemail until after school was out-- and I got all freaked out.  Then everyone melted down.  Cooper lost his shit like he does every night before dinner.  Jack started whining for TV.  Harry began tantruming about cleaning up the outside toys, the possibility of losing his weekend trip if he needed to go to the doctor for his neck, etc.  It was NOT COOL to say the least.  And took place on the front lawn, where everyone had been happily playing just moments before. 

It was like that game Mousetrap, where you start a marble rolling and the whole damn thing falls apart.

I made Harry an appointment for Monday to have his neck checked out, and he hung out on the couch with a heating pad like a tiny old man after bath.  Then I scavenged all the Butterfingers and Almond Joys from the candy stash.


  1. The day after Halloween was UGLY at our house. It ended with me standing by, helpless, as teeth-brushing time turned into a bawdy sing-a-long of all their favorites, including everyone's favorite song "Penises are for playing with."

  2. I go through their bags after they o t bed on Halloween and sort out all the gross (cheap) candy, and make sure each bag is equal. Then we ration a piece or two a day until it s gone. They are happy with ths system although by the end I am just dying to put the trick or treat bags away.

    Sugar always makes them crazy for about 20 minutes after they eat it, but the creepiest is how much cazier they are after having McDonald's. it's all poison, but such delicious poison! And we like the exact same candy- I pick out the butterfingers and almond joys too