Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Not only was Saturday my mom's surprise party, but it was also the second day of our college speech team reunion.  You might recall that 5 years ago, we had another college speech team reunion, and surprise surprise, I was also pregnant for that one.  That's what happens when you have 4 kids in under 7 years.  Next time, I will NOT be pregnant, and my youngest kid will be almost 5, so PARTY, amiright?

Seriously, though, it is hard to stand around and NOT drink while evryone around you is getting drunker and drunker and thinks they are funnier and funnier by the second.  Friday night, I made us skip the after party (but we did attend the official reception) because I figured the kids'd wake up early.  Well, Harry woke up at 3 AM! 3 AM! and did not go back to sleep, and Ben was SO PISSED that he missed out on the after party and only got like 4 hours of sleep anyway.  So Saturday, we skipped the official program (duh, because we were at my mom's party) and just went to the after party.  I have never stayed out until 2 am sober. (Note:  Ben fell asleep -- or as some would say "passed out"-- on the way home).

We took the kids to campus on Sunday so we could pose with our favorite university founder Lydia Moss Bradley.  And if our  photo shoot goes badly tomorrow, you might just see the family picture on our Christmas cards.  Bonus points for anyone who can caption it.

Kid untied Ben's bow tie.  Bow ties are a pain in the ass to retie


These reunions are always the best-- alums from the 60s through 2012 all together at our favorite bar.  The day after, we walk through the student center with coffee and see tons of old duo partners and roommates.  It feels natural to run into these people at Bradley-- I have been seeing them, the decades all jumbled up together-- on this campus since I was a high school sophomore at speech camp.  Can't wait til next time!

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  1. So fun! Old college friends are the BEST.