Monday, November 21, 2011

Writing this blog when I should be pumping

Because I don't like to pump without my baby on the other side-- it's so hard to get a let down. BUT, I gotta tell you, it is also really hard to be competent at work when you only go into the office for a very ,very few number of hours each week. So the minute Ben got home from class today, I gestured in the direction of the seeping baby in the swing and ran out the door. Which means I have to pump.

I got a funny call from the butcher today-- he was letting me know that the special snowflake organic turkey farm doesn't have anything smaller than 12.5 pounds, which means we will eat a turkey that is exactly Cooper-sizefor our post-Thanksgivng feast. HA! I hope we don't get confused, what with the turkey hat and all.


  1. HA! Cooper sized turkey! And yes, working a few isolated hours a week is deadly for making progress. On that note, I better get back to it!

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  3. Tripod4:52 PM

    I love the pic of Jack laughing with that ornery expression! hilarious