Sunday, November 06, 2011

Another photo-flashback

Here we are trading our first babies for a picture in October 2006:

And trading our last babies yesterday:

Sometimes when I am walking across campus staring with open envy at the beautiful college students with their trendy clothes and swinging hair and too cool for school sunglasses, I want to stop them and say, "Smile! You are leading a charmed life! Anything you think is stressful right now? Is NOT. Enjoy this time and stop worrying!" Because all the stuff I remember worrying about when I was in college? Doesn't matter even a little bit right now. I would love to worry about stuff like tests and what to wear to chapter and having to ask my dad for more money for like the 5th time in 5 days. But I digress. I'd also like to say that to the mom I was is 2006, so stressed about developmental milestones and whether or not my baby was getting enough breast milk and wondering if I would ever sleep again. But I would like to be 2006 skinny again.


  1. This post made me smile. When I think about some of the things I used to stress about I kind of want to smack myself upside the head. I wonder if we'll think the same thing 5, 10, 20 years from now?

  2. Tripod2:30 PM

    Remember that Harry was 4 months old and C is not quite 2 months! You look mahvelous! Man, you really hold yourself to superhuman standards! Even movie stars who have personal chefs and trainers aren't back to pre-baby at 8 weeks. Give yourself some time! You are gorgeous!

  3. I love this! I haven't Googled a single baby milestone or question in James's whole life and he's the baby we've had the most fun with. Perspective is a good thing.

    Love the pictures! So fun to have all the cousins close together!

  4. this post made me a little weepy (hello, peri-menopause!!)

    Its amazing to look back, to see who we were & who we've become, without even realizing it. Sigh.