Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Phoning it in again

Ugh.  Why can I not get to bed before 10?  I want to.  Everything I do from the moment the last person drops his fork at the dinner table and pushes himself away from the table is aimed at getting to bed before 10, and yet.  Here I sit, on my bed but not in it nine minutes before my self-imposed deadline.  No way I will be asleep in 540 seconds, but I am so tired I had to google 9 times 6 before I wrote that.  My exhaustion?  Is not Cooper's fault.  He's conked out in the middle of his crib by 7:45 and typically doesn't make a peep until almost 3. Then he eats, spends 2 hours in the pack n play next to my bed, and spends the last hour to 2 hours before we have to get up in bed with me.  Pretty sweet.  But lately (since last week before Thanksgiving), I cannot get to bed before midnight.  Then on Sunday, Cooper surprised me with a 1:00 wake up, a mere 40 minutes after I had hit the sheets.  He was sleeping swaddled and buckled into his Rock n Play Sleeper, and he was going 9 hours some nights.  But I started to worry that I was stunting his development by making him sleep motionless, so I started putting him the crib.  He is all over the place in there, and he ends up with his legs unswaddled and his arms wrapped tight.

I am so sorry this is so boring on the penultimate day of NaBloPoMo '11.

Excuse me while I go hide my creepy freaking elf.

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  1. Tripod8:36 AM

    They are so cute! Jack likes water, if it's warm apparently. Harry is hilarious! Cooper looks great!
    all cleared up. How was the soup?