Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving in pictures

 Don't get me wrong, Thanksgiving was great this year, but something was missing.  My brother Jon for one thing, who hosted his own dinner in Jersey, and my Grandpa Jack, who died when Cooper was a week old.  The table above used to be the grown up table, and he always sat at the head where the flowers are.  This year, our first without him, we were all kids together.

Clearly, the kid table rocks.
Jack at 3 matzoh balls.  Harry wore that hat all weekend-- he is very committed to holidays.

Cooper was very adored

Jack is totally scared of this dog-- super ferocious, huh?

The kids slept in these comfy beds (Ben slept with Harry)

Don't let him fool you-- Cooper only napped in this thing

He slept on the sofa bed with me.  Also, Harry is still wearing the hat-- commitment, huh?

Cooper ate his bib for Thanksgiving dinner

Couch nap

Harry showing Bomma his magna-tiles skills

Jack and my dad having a moment

Love the hat

More adoration

Caught him looking right at me


Cooper and my mom
As soon as we got home, Ben and the boys got to work decorating
Serious business

Jack was grossed out by the insides of the turkey we made on Sunday
Harry (Potter) was fascinated
Ben got way up there, huh?
He's baaaaack


  1. Loved all the pictures! Question--do the magna tiles live up to the hype? Also, I am genuinely excited for all five of you to experience the Holidays in your new house. New memories, new traditions, new surroundings. Cheers!

  2. I love, love, love the elf on the bike. We saw the movie telling the story of the elf on the shelf, so now I need to go get one.

  3. Anonymous9:03 AM

    it was a wonderful time, and I think Grandpa Jack was watching,especially when Jack messed with his beloved radios. The whole time was memory -making, and that's what makes family...Bomma

  4. Wonderful! I love the couch nap picture the best.

    It's so, so hard when you're the grownup and family traditions are changing, isn't it? Looks like a lovely weekend though!

  5. That freaking elf! So scary.

    Looks like a great holiday.

  6. Totally loving all those pictures and then I see the creepy elf.


    Although, if he weren't the creepiest thing on the planet, him on the bike would be hilarious.

    I kind of have him second on list of the things that creep me the creep out...right under clowns.