Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Moderate Home Makeover

We went to Pier One today to buy a bunch of stuff for our living room, which has been really blah ever since we moved in. We also moved the couch around, which really, really, really helped it look less like a furniture store display. I realized that I decorate like I am a SIM-- no cords showing, furniture squared off and usually around the edges of a room. This is us breaking out of our comfort zone.

This cabinet has been devoid of decoration since I knocked the cactus that used to reside there all the hell over the floor. Now it is home to a globe! And a picture frame!

When you walked in our front door, all you used to see was the back of a couch. Now you see this:

I also came to to terms with the fact that I am not likely to go buy a ton of books to fill the rest of the shelves-- seriously, I never remember to scour thrift stores or hit up used book sales at the library-- so we bought other stuff to go with the books:

And throw pillows!

Still a little empty, but think of it this way: plenty of room for Cooper when he starts to crawl.

Next up: our room, which has not a single decorative item on any surface or wall. But it does have a yet-unused pack n play filled with diapers and extra blankets, so there's that.


  1. I really love your hardwood floors! And, I also really like your built-in bookshelves; I think they look great with the combination of books and accessories.

    I would decorate like a SIM too if possible -- I go to great lengths to hide and organize cords!

  2. It looks nice! I adore built in bookshelves!!! And that bike you found for it is awesome.

    I am trying to understand the part where you forget to browse for books...that's a foreign concept for me...

    In this house, I am determined to make our room a room I am proud to show off and not just a dumping ground that never gets attention. We're almost done.

  3. It looks great! your floors are so gorgeous. Love the globe! We need one of those.