Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baby's first vaccines

Cooptastic officially weighs more than the organic, free-range, grown-just-10-miles-away turkey we ordered for our post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner. (Cooper is 12 and half pounds. We like to make Thanksgiving again when we get home from my grandma's so we can have turkey sandwiches for days and perfect our basting skills in case we ever get to host a holiday). He's also really tall and has a fairly small head. And acne so bad the doctor wondered for a few minutes if it might be a staff infection.

His vaccines gave him his very first fever. Ben and I argued for awhile about how much medicine to give him because concentrated infant drops have been phased out, meaning infant meds are the same concentration as children's meds and are dispensed with a syringe, not a dropper. SO the doctor's instructions to give him the whole dropper if he developed a fever were no good. We called the after-hours nurse, but she did not believe us, insisting that we had children's meds or ibuprofen. Finally my dad told us how much to give the kid. Phew!

I always hate those first vaccines-- I am worried they are going to break my baby. I am totally and completely pro-vax and trust our pediatrician's judgment, but it's scary to go in with a happy, healthy, intervention-free baby and intentionally make him sick. Yesterday, I went to campus for awhile, and Ben had a tough time with Coop. He doesn't really like drinking milk from a bottle, but he will do it grudgingly most Mondays. Yesterday, he just screamed and refused. I have an amazing freezer stash but not much opportunity to use it.

First shots, first fever, first booger, and a new skill for Cooperiffic. He's starting to become a grabber. But, he doesn't know how to let go. He clung to this monkey for a long, long time:

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  1. He is SO CUTE! I feel the same way about vaccines. I am totally for them, but then I get it done and put them in the carseat thinking, "OK, hope that works out well!" And it always does.