Monday, November 07, 2011

OMFG. Time change. Blurgh.

Cooper woke up at 4:58 this morning, which is not unusual for him. But instead of eating and going back to sleep, he has been cooing, laughing, and smiling his fat little face off for the last hour. He's up. For the day. Before 5 am. Neat.


I take advantage of the quiet house and pleasant baby and work for an hour, holding my laptop on my knees in bed, cooing baby beside me.


A whirlwind morning-- big kids up at 6, the earliest possible second they are allowed to be out of their room barring some sort of special circumstance. Beds made by 6:05, breakfast on the table by 6:15, clothes on by 6:40. I even completed half a workout before we had to take Jack to preschool, would have done the whole 40 minutes but the baby got tired of his gym. Just as well because the preschool parking lot was a Monday morning zoo. A brisk walk from our driveway to Harry's classroom, dropping off two huge boxes of snack we bought at Costco yesterday (And the rest of the stuff we bought at Costco? Totally ridiculous. Next time you come over, be sure to have a V8 or a Gatorade and some Wheat Thins.)


Harry and Jack at school. Cooing baby. Third cup of hot coffee. Fistful after fistful of cinnamon Teddy Grahams. Laundry humming in the dryer. Husband and preschooler home at noon, on-campus meeting waiting for me this afternoon. How to fill these next 3 hours, me, baby, and a soft bed?

He doesn't even need a bed-- he can sleep sitting up


Becca said...

Except for the early start it sounds like a great day!

sarah said...

haha! The best thing about getting up before the crack of dawn is how much you get accomplished before 10am. The only drawback? Getting up before the crack of dawn.

gina said...

I didn't even finish the rest of your post ( I will) because I'm floored that you had breakfast ready to go in 10 minutes. How is that possible?