Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Cooper slept 9 hours in his own room last night-- from 8 to 5. After he ate at 5, he drifted back to sleep (after many minutes of smiling and cooing) at around 6. I took advantage of a still quiet house (big boys asleep; Ben getting dressed to teach downstairs so he wouldn't wake the baby) to jump up and get a head start on my day. Since 6 this morning, I have pumped for my freezer stash; bagged the milk; washed the pump; assembled a pasta, sausage and cheese casserole for dinner (including cooking the meat and the noodles); made Harry and Jack breakfast; made their beds; wrestled them into their clothes; supervised their grooming routines; switched the laundry; fed the baby again; worked out on my elliptical; walked Harry to school; fed the baby again; watched Mega Mind with Jack while doing some work; dozed while Coooper napped and Jack played around me; switched the laundry again; fed the baby again; made lunch for Jack and me. Phew!

I have a lofty goal for today: get dressed in jeans. I finally took your advice and bought fat pants. But they are not that fat-- a perfectly respectable size, actually-- just not a size I'd like to buy. Specifically one size bigger than some of my jeans and 2 sizes bigger than others.

I might also fold some laundry.

There's always the thrilling question: can I clean up lunch before it's time to feed the baby again? And, can I get dressed in those fat jeans before my husband comes home mid afternoon? Oh! And what the heck am I going to do once I cross all those super important items off the list?

How do I stand all of the excitement?

Jack at the farmers market enjoying an always in season donut:

Random milestone alert! Cooper has outgrown the Moby wrap's newborn hug hold and has graduated to the hug hold-- see his dangling feet?


  1. Every time you post a picture of you carrying Cooper, it makes me want to carry this baby in my belly sooooo much!

    That is an epic amount of stuff you got done this morning. Bravo! Now if you need to veg later, you can do so guilt free. :)

  2. Dude. Go to Old Navy and buy the gray Sweetheart skinny jeans. Through some miracle of vanity sizing, I had to buy two sizes down from my regular size. Logically, I know it's not accurate, but in my head I'm thinking "I'm in a size 4!" And they're super cute.

  3. What a wonderful day -- I loved days like this when I still had babies to feed and carry!

    I hope you enjoy the jeans; try to focus on the not-being-in-glorified-pajamas feeling of them instead of any numbers. For at least a year!

  4. Wow. That's a super productive morning. Awesome job! I manage that like once a month. Maybe.

  5. he slept in his own room! Ahhhh! Was it hard for you? It's always so hard for me the first few nights. I miss them so much. And then I'm over it :)

  6. love Cooper in that Moby; and you look beautiful!!!