Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I just want this baby weight to melt away. Today would be good. Right now while I sit on this couch with coffee and some graham crackers would be great. I am sick of the donut of fat that surrounds my waist. I am sick of my hips stretched too far to fit in most of my old jeans. (2 pairs fit great, but I still have a fat donut to contend with). I am sick of the Bio Oil I have to smear on my sagged out skin (and I have started buying it at Costco, which is a super bummer). I have worked out everyday but one since we bought the elliptical, but I am so. hungry. all. the. time. And sometimes? It is not a fresh fruit and veggies kind of hunger, you know? I still walk Harry to school in dumpy work out clothes everyday, but at least I come home and get dressed in actual clothes, too. And I am wearing the workout clothes because, you know, I have actually come from working out, not because elastic is the only waist band I can stomach. I think I need to go to Lululemon and upgrade my workout clothes because I totally look like that mom in the morning, especially since I am growing out my bangs and sporting lots of bobby pins , or I need to get up early enough to work out and get dressed before I go to Harry's school. The second option? Not happening as long as I spend the hours between 3 and whenever the big kids wake up snuggling with the most snuggly baby in the word.

It's his fault that I am so fat, you know. But I think I can forgive him.


  1. I long to be done being pregnant and to actually be in normal clothes again. I realize that this will not be happening for months and months. I would also like to be rid of the post pregnancy weight I gained and never lost with the older two as well.

    I'm pretty sure no one is blaming you for wearing your work out clothes, especially when they see your little bundle strapped to you (who does look most cuddly). :)

  2. I am SO not looking forward to going through all this again! I had just gotten down to a weight where I was feeling pretty good and my stomach at least felt flat and slim, and now I'm all bloated and thick and fat already and there are still months and months to go. Ugh

    You'll lose the weight quickly, and then I can keep looking to you for proof that it will end someday!

  3. You know, when I drop my kids off at preschool there are tons of moms in workout clothes and I usually think they look cute and appropriate. They might be going to work out or they might just be dressed for a day of domestic chores and kid-wrangling.

    You'll get back to where you were, especially with all the working out. But you've got the right idea--snuggle with the snuggly baby instead of getting up earlier!

  4. It will come. And soon. Well, after the holidays. Because don't kill yourself during the holidays to eat healthy.

    But don't forget, you're starving because you're nursing. I was ravenous all the time. It's your signal to eat more, which you should do.

    Also, lots of moms at dropoff AND pickup at our school are in workout clothes. Totally acceptable. But I have always found getting ready, even in fat clothes when I was postpartum, always made me at least feel better about myself. I always feel gross in yoga pants, even if I am freshly showered.

    And poor Cooper and his first shots. :(