Sunday, August 07, 2022

Why can’t it be summer forever?

What are we going to do without the pool?? As we head into the final month of summer, the college lifeguards go back to school; pool hours get fewer and farther between, and September looms, bringing with it the last pool day of the year, new routines, early bedtimes, and SO MANY THINGS TO BUY FOR SCHOOL. 

We are not even a teeny bit ready for school, by the way. I mean, I signed the kids up and paid their fees, but we aren’t even going to be in town for the in-person schedule and photo day at the high school, and we haven’t bought a single item from any classroom supply list. Cooper has a new pair of shoes, but no one else does. No one has ANY fall clothes that even a little bit fit them.

 I think we’re just going to have a rolling start this year.

Do you like her outfit? A nightgown as 2 skirts. Her choice, obvi.

Minnie commandeered Dorothy’s new doll and insists that she be served a meal as well.

Dorothy is very very very patient

Ben and I went out for our 17th anniversary. We have occasionally been sneaking out to eat at the golf course restaurant here and there, but Saturday night was the first time since the pandemic that we went out for grown up food. It was a delight. And then we brought home a variety of cake slices from the grocery store bakery to share with our babysitters— a perfectly low key anniversary celebration. So low key I didn’t even take any pictures. Except of my old fashioned, which was not awesome but did make me remember how much I love old fashioneds.



  1. Happy Anniversary!
    I feel you on the rolling return to school. We have the list idea when we're going to head to the store to get the items. Do they really needs pens and pencils? Haha.

  2. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I love Minnie’s ankle crease tan lines in the first picture the most! Happy Anniversary!