Monday, August 29, 2022

Back to work

 I need to remember to NOT have training for my class the same week that kids move into the dorms. Road rage does not even begin to describe it. GAH.

We decided to get family pictures in Hilton Head kind of on a whim. The photographer had a spot and we didn’t have dinner plans for that night, and it just seemed like destiny. BUT we also decided not to buy any new clothes for these photos (LOLOLOLOLOL), so I mean, I have sort of lowered my expectations. We told the boys not to wear black (because Dorothy picked pink for her and Minnie and me) and not to wear anything with an obvious logo, but otherwise, it’s up to them. There was a moment when I thought Dorothy was going to wear this white dress she adores that she got in the communion dress section of Macy’s (LOLOLOLOLOL), but she’s wearing it for the first day of school, so she passed. She also passed on a blue glittery show choir number (from JC Penney) in favor of a long floral sundress (totally appropriate!) that happens to be the exact shade of pink as this dress that Minnie has that makes her look like a grubby doll. I also have a dress that color (from Target) that may or may not be flattering in photos. STAY TUNED.
Honestly, I am having a lovely time packing my lunch and going to meetings all day. It’s so fun to be around grown ups for the whole day. I kind of don’t even know what to do with myself. I am very ready for classes to begin. My office is clean thanks to long lunch hours. It’s wonderful, really.
I have an exciting new partnership on Instagram to tell you about that will make sure I have to be swimsuit ready all winter long, so that’ll be great for my bikini line and maaaaaaybe for my healthy habits reset. I feel very gross and chubby lately, but I can’t seem to stop eating in mass quantities. So there’s that. I cut out milk in my coffee, and we are drinking a half gallon LESS chocolate milk a week as a family. Also, I was going through a LOAF of wheat bread a week, and last week, I barely ate a quarter. I think my attention to portion size is helping. Also, to replace the coffee milk, I have started eating yogurt again, and man is yogurt a great snack. 

This week, I am upping my exercise minutes. Today, I did an extra 5 this AM, and I am about to fit in a lunchtime walk as well. I think going forward, I will be more likely to add an extra chunk of exercise time as opposed to working out for longer in the morning— my mornings are really tight. So maybe yoga in the evenings or during nap time? Maybe a andromeda 20 minute work out video here and there. Maybe an extra walk when I can take it— you get the idea.

Look at sweet little squishy tired Minnie at the pool. She’s the very best— we are all just delighted by her presence every single day. Can you imagine that until 2 years ago, we were Minnie-less? It just doesn’t seem possible.


  1. Gah - family pictures, I had almost forgotten about "wanting" to do this. I really meant to get those done earlier in the summer and totally dropped the ball and now I 100% DON'T want to do it.
    I shouldn't even stress because we have a friend take them and it is so low key and we finally have kids old enough that it can go quickly and smoothly. But so many years it was such a nuisance with the kids and I so thoroughly despise being in pictures.
    Maybe once everyone is back in school and I finally have a more normal routine I'll get my head wrapped around getting them done?

    I'm so glad you're enjoying the transition back into the office and I know what you mean about the refreshment of just being around grown-ups for a while!

  2. I can't wait to hear about the Instagram partnership!
    If you want to really level up, you might try making your own yogurt. It really taps into my hippie heart, and it's super filling and protein rich too