Saturday, August 27, 2022

5 on a Friday: Saturday Edition

 Because I already had a post scheduled to publish on Friday. So. There you have it.

1. Ben was an awesome cook this week. When I worked, he made excellent grilled chicken that we used in salads and I took to work in a wrap the next day. He also grilled a ton of steak for tacos, and taco Friday is a novelty because we are taco Tuesday people.

2. Ben also took Minnie to library story time and the grocery store, proving that he is the better SAH parent once and for all.

3. Cooper’s birthday party got all YES RSVPs and is going to be GINORMOUS. I immediately emailed the venue manager updated numbers and got to work ordering party supplies. His birthday is 9/9, but every year we debate if we should wait until school starts and have. Late party or have an early summer party with old friends— this year we chose the latter. Yay for eleven. Also, how is Cooper 11? Isn’t this Cooper?

4. I worked 2 whole days on campus AND met someone for coffee AND ALSO managed to take lunchtime walks and not OD on caffeine. I also really wanted PB M&Ms after lunch but could only find sharing size 3-serving bags, so I dumped 1/3 into my palm and tossed the rest and felt so virtuous.

5. I spent the best 5 hours at the pool with Dorothy, Cooper, and Jack on Wednesday— the last day of the pool season that featured a pre-4pm opening time, SO SAD. FALL IS COMING whether we are ready or not!

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