Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Dreaming of work time

 Everybody schedules work emails to send the next morning when the only time they have to work is in the middle of the damn night after the kids finally go to bed, right? Right? RIGHT?? (I am always weirded out by late night emails, so I also try not to send them).

This is a funny picture. Like, what is actually even happening here?

Now that swim and dive teams aren’t practicing every darn day, Dorothy and Cooper have been having friends over like Before Times, and even though it’s messy and there’s lots of running in and out, it’s just so delightfully normal. Like, how did we live without this for so long.

Real talk: I have worked a lot a lot a lot this summer, and I have just, like, magicked the time up. I mean, it’s early mornings. Late nights. Nap times. Random hours where the baby watches Disney Princess movies (OMG I KNOW you don’t have to tell me). So, not really magic at all.

 I had a great run of going to campus 2 mornings a week to teach, but now that class is over, and it’s easier for all of the other people in my house if I work from home all of the days and YIKES YIKES YIKES.

I’m not really complaining. I chose not to send Dorothy and Cooper to camp because I think they have wonderful summers at home. We choose not to send Minnie to childcare or nursery school, and I really am happy with that choice and think that for us it is unquestionably the right one. BUT SOMETIMES (like now, before vacation, when there are eleventy billion loose ends to tie up to be ready to sail into fall basically the second I get done shaking the sand out of everybody’s stuff) I JUST NEED TO THINK ABOUT WORK THINGS WITHOUT ANYONE NEEDING ME.

You know?


  1. I know.
    I know.
    I know.

    I am currently holed up in the basement office. I didn't even have coffee this morning. I really should be working now. Ugh. I have a video call in an hour and I haven't had coffee yet. Not a good plan.

    We had so little structured stuff scheduled for the kids this year because my husband is on sabbatical, but I really think that was a bad move. Even having one day/week where I knew I could work on both paid-work and home management without kids around would have been delightful!

    That said, summer is passing FAST!

  2. OMG. When I discovered that you could schedule e-mails my world was significantly changed. It's one of my preeminent pieces of advice to new leaders, since it models appropriate work boundaries (even if you're not actually adhering to them, LOL!)