Thursday, August 25, 2022

Super Min

 I am at work today, and Harry took Minnie to The Little Gym in my stead. Harry, the baby this blog is named after, who started at The Little Gym in 2007. Can you even believe it?

Minnie has made some pretty big developmental leaps lately, and they are making her sleep even worse than usual. She also seems to be getting some giant carnivorous molars, so I am sure that’s not helping. Not only can she motor plan and problem solve like the great ape she is becoming

But she is also able to recall past events and work them into conversation. Like, one of us will say something about a bug, and she will loudly tell us that a bug landed on her hand at the park and she made it go away (GO WAY, she screams). She is tuning in to conversations that happen around her more and more, and she is working herself into them. She also is playing pretend. The other night, I heard growling on the monitor, and when I went into her room at 3 am she said, “NINNIE BEAR,” and then she just … stayed awake, which was not awesome, even though she was in a great mood and completely content to play with her crib toys. I think she is dreaming and remembering her dreams, which has to be mind blowing when it happens for the first time, you know?

I am hopeful that she will ease into her growing physical and mental abilities and start to, like, you know, SLEEP again. Cross your fingers for her very aged parents.

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  1. Aw! Ninnie Bear's 3 am post dreamtime party sounds adorable and amazing!