Thursday, August 04, 2022

Summer summer summer

 Maybe it’s because Ben and I met each other when we were 15 and 16, but having a high school kid who goes out on dates feels heavy, you know? Like, having an extra driver in the house is AMAZING when Dorothy needs a ride to dance or I need to hand off my Target Red card to someone who can go to the store and grab a few things or — like this week— when we have to drop a car off for service. But then it’s after their work (which is like 9pm) and they are going out with friends and won’t be home until super late or they’re negotiating for a later curfew for a a date and man! Am I old enough for this?

I took Cooper shoes shopping Tuesday which is always an ordeal. THESE WERE ALL REJECTS.

She’s so good at relaxing

I also took Minnie shoe shopping, and she was much easier to satisfy. She liked the only shoes in Stride Rite that fit on her double extra wide foot— luckily, because special ordering was the only other option.

Do you love Dorothy’s shrine to herself?

It rained yesterday afternoon, and we played both Clue and Ticket to Ride, and Dorothy won them both!!!

All I wanted to do was read my book during the nap time peace and quiet, but Dorothy said she’s been wanting to play a board game all summer (we’ve had pretty perfect pool weather most days), and even Jack and Harry were playing. So my hands were tied, is what I’m saying.

We managed to sneak in some zoo and donut time on Tuesday, too

Summer! Time stands still and also is gone in a blink.

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