Monday, August 15, 2022

Lunch Date

Sometimes it’s fun to just take some of your kids places. WE NEED TO REMEMBER THIS.

Although, I will say, my anxiety cut this lunch date short because Harry was at work, and Jack was isolating in Cooper’s room in the basement while Minnie napped. I realized as we were waiting for our tacos that if she woke up, no one would really be able to help her. Dorothy and Coop’s came out way before ours, so Ben got ours to go, and I took the kids for cupcakes. PERFECTION. Minnie slept for 20 more minutes after we got home.

School starts in 2 weeks, and I am fully in denial.

I have 4 days of TA orientation starting NEXT WEEK (WHAT?), and this is something I am also in complete denial about. HOW CAN SCHOOL BE STARTING?

We are going on vacation right after the kids start school and before I do— more about that later, but trust me when I tell you we are all relieved and also Cooper has already read all of his road trip books, which is both cute and annoying.

Onward and upward, friends— almost time to leave those lazy summer days behind.


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