Friday, August 12, 2022



I told you guys that we had to take the minivan BACK to the dealer for a NEW WINDSHIELD, yes? Well, the only good news we’ve had today is that it’s done early.

Ben and Harry are picking it up right now because (I guess this is also terrific news) the Paxlovid worked, and Harry is COVID NEGATIVE!! YAY!!

Ben gave everyone COVID tests this morning, and Jack is the only positive… SO FAR.

We spent SO MUCH MONEY at the grocery store
2 carts because we had not food at home and also because neither one of us ate lunch.

Minnie has been asking for cookies all day and finally I made them during nap.
BEST BEST BEST Starbucks drink 
Minnie helped Ben take off the car topper.

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Kim said...

I'm so sorry about your vacation!!! That really stinks. What is the Starbucks drink? I can't read it. Hope everyone is healthy soon!