Tuesday, August 02, 2022

I had a Costco trip from hell, and I loved it

 While Ben, Dorothy, and Cooper were at All City swim last week, I took the remaining 3 kids to Costco, which was delightfully horrible.

The big boys were zero help and cost me at least $100 extra. I even asked Harry to grab skim milk while I was struggling under the weight of a box of organic baby milk and a flat of eggs, and he grabbed 4 gallons of chocolate milk instead. WTAF?

And thanks to Jack, we got 54 bags of chips, a 6-in-1 Disney Princess book that truly sucks to read to Minnie who insists on hearing every word of every page, and a bunch of Halloween-themed hot chocolate bombs.

Also I had to buy them lunch on the way out the door because they were almost late to work, and no one could help me unload anything, except Minnie and Beatrix, who were both, of course, giant hindrances.

Plus I forgot my card, and we stood in line forever to get a shopping pass; the only check out lines open were self-check and I was buying enough garbage for a Duggar family reunion; and Minnie lost her shit so emphatically that I had to open a pillow-sized bag of mini-cookies and let her take of her mask and start eating them right there in the cart.

And, reader, I loved every second of it because it felt so deliciously normal.

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  1. I couldn't love this post more. I crave normal more than I thought I ever would