Friday, August 05, 2022

Mirror mirror on the car

 The rear view mirror on my minivan broke a few months ago. I mean, it didn’t totally break. Like, it was still on the windshield, but you couldn’t adjust it very well, and it wouldn’t really stay adjusted. We called the dealer to get it fixed, but they were like oh the van is so new we have to order the part, and then, honestly, we dropped the ball and just sort of drove the car with a janky mirror. (I mean, no sort of about it— that’s exactly what we did). Then a couple weeks ago, a really rough car wash damaged the air conditioning vent on the driver’s side, so we really needed to get the car fixed (and also, we needed an oil change). We took it in on Monday and didn’t pick it up until Wednesday (because they called us on Tuesday and told us they didn’t have a part for the mirror).

Well, imagine my surprise when, on the way to The Little Gym with Dorothy, Minnie, and Cooper in the car on Thursday, I adjusted the mirror in a completely normal way as I was exiting the freeway, and this happened:


We called Harry after class (he was definitely not awake before class), and asked him to bring tape

And now it looks so great

I love this for me.

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  1. I shouldn't be laughing...but I totally am!! Not because of yet another thing on your plate, but just the absurdity of it all.
    My mother and I once had a car door that wouldn't shut properly and ended up literally coming off its hinges. In the end we tied a skipping rope between two opposing car doors and cinched it tight until we could get to the mechanic shop.