Wednesday, August 10, 2022


 Soooooo, you know how we are supposed to leave TOMORROW for our first vacation since 2019?

That H is for Harry. Who tested positive for COVID yesterday. GAAAAAAAAH.

A few things:
1. He is already 3 doses in to his Paxlovid prescription, prescribed by his cardiologist because of his inflammation/effusion issues. So, that’s a good news/bad news, right? Like, good news he gets meds, but bad news that he got them so fast and is high risk.
2. He has been working a lot and is not ever home for meals. Then after work, he hangs out with friends. I was just complaining that I never see him anymore. Even though he and Ben and Jack and I hang out (and snack, etc) at night, he hasn’t really been around the 3 little kids much and is never eating meals with them. So maybe they were less exposed?
3. He has been isolating in his room, has his own bathroom, and is the only family member in the whole downstairs. The rest of us have, erm, condensed considerably. I bring his food and meds to the back patio and call to him through his open window.
4. He started feeling yucky on Monday but didn’t say anything until Tuesday AM when he woke up with a 102-degree fever. SO. Monday is day 1, Tuesday day 2, Wednesday day 3, etc. 
5. Dorothy and Coop got boosted this week, and Minnie finished her Moderna series the other day. At least they are as protected as possible.
6. Jack is Harry’s roomie, so obviously, we are watching him the closest. He has negative COVID tests and feel great, no fever, etc. Still, we are having him sleep alone, even though he is joining the rest of us as an Upstairs Person.
7. Harry feels OK though— terrible congestion and runny nose. Currently not running a fever since the initial one broke. In good spirits. Appetite OK despite Paxlovid, etc. The cardiologist said go to the ED if he has chest pains, so he is on high alert, as you might expect.
8. Ben, Minnie, and I were the only ones who got sick in May (although new variant, new ballgame)


Clearly, leaving tomorrow is not on the table anymore. BUT- we planned to stay 2 nights on the road and take the trip slow, so we have some wiggle room there.

Maybe Friday? If no one else gets sick and Harry doesn’t get chest pains? He might even test negative by then? Masked in the car of course. We’ll get him his own room as we travel. We are staying in a rental, not a hotel with others, etc etc etc.

I can tell you that we didn’t want to deprive Beatrix of her trip, so we dropped her off on schedule at the  boarder. SHE DESERVES A VACATION FROM HER PROBLEMS.

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  1. Ugh. Poor Harry. Sounds like he is being a trooper, and I'm so glad everyone has the maximum protection.
    Sending wishes for a speedy recovery and that no one else gets it!