Thursday, August 11, 2022

COVID updates


As soon as I hit publish on yesterday’s post and skipped off with Dorothy to get a mani/pedi, Harry started having chest pains. When Dorothy and I got home, he and Ben went to the ED. Where they stayed for 7 HOURS.

Cool, cool.

He got a battery of tests and also an IV anti-inflammatory and directions to up the ibuprofen he had been taking since he got a positive test result to 600 mg. He’s… ok? Feels actually pretty fine, has no fever, cough much better, congestion going away, etc. He’s in good spirits and is eating ok, is well hydrated. We follow up with docs tomorrow, which is reassuring.

Saturday is COVID day 6 for him, so I **think** we are going to go… 2 days late that we can parlay into maybe just one day late because we planned 2 fun stops on our way down, but we can actually just stop once in a less fun place. We were never planning to eat indoors…at all, and we will not be using public transportation at any point. BUT, this depends on Harry’s chest pains and general health. He took a COIVD test for funsies this morning and is still positive. He hasn’t had a fever since day 1, BUT he has also been on Ibuprofen for his pericarditis since day 1, so that’s not a super reliable measure. He doesn’t feel achy or sick at the tail end of his meds, though, and when Ben and I were sick in May, we could barely make it 3 hours on Tylenol or Motrin before we needed something else. He also goes 10 or so hours overnight and wakes up fever-free. (Soooo many ways to try to justify travel on days 6 and 7. I am an excellent mental gymnast.)

Elmo was waiting to greet Ben and Harry when they got home last night. This balloon is the stuff of nightmares, and I am here for it.

Tiny tan toes
Tiny tan fingers
I actually hate nail polish on my fingers so I just got filed and buffed and he spent an embarrassing amount of time on my cuticles. A regular (non gel) manicure is only $10 with a pedicure, so I need to start doing this on the regular. Maybe I will work my way up to gel color.
I will spare you a shot of my feet, but I used OPI Strawberry Margarita and I looooooove it.

Minnie loves loves loves her Ariel accessory set and wears it with any princess nightie.

She also got an Ariel dress, which she has happily added to the rotation.

We have learned 2 pandemic travel related lessons here:

1. LOCK IT DOWN 2 weeks before you travel. We are spending Thanksgiving break in Florida, and before we go, our teens are going to have to cut out indoor hangs, and we are all going to wear masks to work and school. Harry got COVID being a dumb 16 y/o, which is OK… unless you are planning a trip.
2. VACATION EARLIER in the summer. We have all been fine from May-now, and we could have taken a trip at any moment. Now, though, we are right up against the start of the semester, and we HAVE to be back at the end of the month. Literally any other time this whole entire summer we could have bumped our trip by WEEKS and been just fine.

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