Monday, August 22, 2022

Heathy Habit Reset

 I think my health needs and overall fitness level really started to suffer around Halloween last year. I went face down in a bag of candy and never really looked up. A year later, my clothes are tight, and I don’t feel as strong as I used to. Time for a reset, but also time for one that doesn’t feel overwhelming as we enter a new, busy season.

Last week, I stopped snacking after dinner. Like, just gave it up cold turkey even if I really wanted ice cream or Ben’s plate of cheese, crackers, and olives looked amazing.

This week, I am revisiting portion sizes. I was using a lot A LOT of peanut butter on my breakfast toast, you guys, And I think it is time to go back to black coffee because the amount of chocolate milk I use has been sloooooowly increasing.

Next week, I am going to work on increasing exercise time, and the following week, I will increase intensity.

Ongoing things to focus on:

1. Skincare— I have lots of lovely products and have gotten really lazy about using most of them.

2. Oral hygiene— no excise for not flossing twice a day and using mouthwash.

3. Drinking water— I aim to drink my 24 oz Hydroflask 4 times a and also have water with meals. I have really really not been doing this, and i can tell.

4. Intuitive eating— I need to slow down again and really listen to my body. How a food tastes and the immediate gratification is only part of how it makes you feel, you know?

Lofty goals, perhaps, but I got stuck inside a new sports bra I ordered in my usual size, and when I put my hands in the back pockets of my only jean skirt, they ripped right off and my actual butt was suddenly hanging out. THINGS ARE DIRE. (And pretty hilarious).

Actual footage of the TOP OF MY HEAD, which I never see but the rest of the world does because I am only 5 feet 2 inches tall.

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  1. The jeans incident made me laugh!
    I am feeling the same way. This is the first summer in...years...where I am doing intuitive eating. And by intuitive eating, I mean eating what I want, when I want, and paying attention to hunger cues. I mostly think I've stayed around the same weight with this new eating "plan" (or lack thereof)...but I refuse to weigh myself. It has been months since I stepped on a scale and I think for my mental health I need to keep things that way.

    Regardless of eating "intuitively"...I can also tell after a summer of ice cream sandwiches and hotdogs (I have eaten more hotdogs and ice cream this summer than over the last 3 years combined!)...I am craving soups. Veggies. Fruit. It's nice to arrive at that place naturally, because for the last decade I've done a lot of elimintation diets for health issues that really didn't solve any issue but made me SUPER neurotic about food.

    It's...a fraught topic, but mostly I just want to feel good and enjoy healthy, think less about food. Just writing that out I can tell these are lofty goals, but I'm trying hard and I love the plan you've come up with!!!