Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Can’t it be summer forever?

Minnie drank bath water out of a Calico Critter toilet in the tub last night. So, like, that’s where I am parenting-wise.

We’re so proud of this guy (LOL):

Minnie pumps her little legs on a big kid swing, and it is equal parts darling and dangerous.

The boys have a few more dive lessons left before the summer ends, and it’s fun to watch them— although I spent most of the time at a not very fun park with Minnie and Dorothy
Like, the rocks were the best part of the whole park. The play structure was too blah in the tiny parts and then too dangerous everywhere else.
Ugh, I just want summer forever.
Instead, I have meetings— MEETINGS—this week. Can you even believe it? Didn’t school just end a second ago? Do I have clothes that fit me for these meetings? I have so many questions. But I am definitely looking forward to a morning coffee BY MY FREAKING SELF, especially because Ben is working lots the other days this week.

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