Friday, August 26, 2022

Big kids about town

 Dorothy and I had a movie night to watch Miss Congeniality, which was right up her alley, as I knew it would be. She asked me if we could have a movie night before summer was over, and it was pretty easy to just make it happen. She stayed up way too late, of course, and was a crabby crab face the entire next day, but still. Worth it.

The library was an unexpected smash hit with these 3 the other day. Color me surprised. Minnie could have stayed all day, and I am excited to bring her back once school starts and she can be the only kid setting our pace.

We also went to a children’s museum in a neighboring town and our favorite zip line swing park: both fun!

Minnie discovered a deep love of painting, and I ordered an inflatable easel to use outside— it comes today, and I will keep you posted.

She is such a delight at parks these days— another thing I am looking forward to doing without easily bored big kids.

Such big kids, you guys. Harry is a JUNIOR, and it’s Jack’s freshman year. As a 5th grader, Cooper is starting his final year of elementary school, and Dorothy is in 4th grade. Can you believe it?? Minnie will start preschool next year when Harry is a senior. At least I won’t have the simultaneous baby going to college/baby starting kindergarten year—- I don’t know if I could handle it.

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