Tuesday, August 30, 2022

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

 Last weekend, Harry and I canvassed for WisDems for 2 hours on a Saturday morning, and we had so much fun! As a voter, I know that I am more convinced by door-knockers than I am by phone bank phone calls, so I decided that would be the best way to volunteer. Harry is in the Young Progressives club at school, so he already knew how to register people to vote, but he thought canvassing would be a good skill to learn and bring back to his club. 

We were trained by a lovely volunteer who used to be a high school gym teacher and tennis coach, and she gave Harry her card. He tucked it into his wallet next to the governor’s chief-of-staff’s card and promised to arrange a visit to his Young Progressives group so she could get everyone ready to door-knock before the November election. We have an important US senate race as well a a gubernatorial election in Wisconsin this November, so we need all the voters we can to turn out.

We were both surprised that so many people we talked to were hard pressed to name an issue that was most important to them in the upcoming election, even when we had a list to choose from. Our issue was human rights, and we both answered almost immediately when asked. I wonder if people really aren’t thinking about politics very much? Or maybe they are living in a sort of privilege bubble that prevents them from feeling affected?

It was really fascinating to hear people talk about how they planned to vote and who they planned to voice for. We signed up for another Saturday next month and plan to go in October as well. If you haven’t canvassed before, consider doing it through a neighborhood organization—it’s a charming way to spend a day in the service of democracy.

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  1. I wouldn't know how to answer that question. But it isn't for the reasons you listed. It is because there are many issues I find important. I don't think there is one specific one that is most important to me. Instead, I compared candidates in a variety of issues....