Sunday, November 04, 2018

What We're Eating This week 45/52

UGH.  We did not follow the schedule last week, which I always find totally annoying.  So.  This week, a more realistic plan

Eating the darn Indian slow cooker from last week.
The chili and corn bread from last week.
Mac and cheese in the slow cooker with chicken nuggets and green beans
I forgot to buy anything for this night, so a game-time decision.  OH THE SUSPENSE!
Fast food because OMG I have a night class.  ben has all of the hockeys.
It's me feeding the kids in shifts while Ben shuttles to activities.  I think breakfast for dinner, but only time will tell.
MOVIE NIGHT.  I must say, we showed the kids Mean Girls last week and they pink puffy hearted it, which was charming.  But I really wanted to watch Christmas Vacation, so maybe this will be the night!!

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  1. I was JUST looking for a Mac and cheese recipe! Trying this tonight!