Monday, November 05, 2018

Grocery Store Skincare I Love

I am still doing the 10-step skincare routine I have talked about before.  And I am still buying 10 cheap products instead of a couple expensive ones because you guys?  THAT'S WHO I AM.

Recently, I have started going to Trader Joe's more often, and I took a trip to their household product aisle to snag a $2 face mask I have heard raves about on Instagram.  Then I also noticed a $5 fall candle, and then things just sort of escalated from there.

The upshot is I have a $2 mask that I use religiously on Wednesday and 2 awesome serums ($9/each) that leave my face so smooth!  I think my forehead is less wrinkly, too, but then I see a picture of myself in natural light and realize that I am how Cooper described a retired teacher who subs occasionally: crinkly.

Seriously, though, everyone should try these because they are awesome and only like 4 feet away from the $6 wine.

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