Wednesday, November 28, 2018


You all know by now that I am a YUGE Gretchen Rubin fan. Like, I would tell you to buy me her new book for my birthday, but it comes out in March, so will have read it 6 times by May.   On the most recent episode of Happier, she talked about having a motto for the holiday season that could serve as a theme.  I have been thinking about this with at least part of my brain all day, and I think my motto will be be LIGHT.  I considered comfort and joy, joy, deck the halls, and merry, but I really like light for a couple of reasons.

First, it's a nod to the ukkah side of Chrismukkah, and that side always gets neglected because the Chrism side is so flashy.

Second, it has tons of meanings.  Like, literal LIGHT-- such an important thing in this dark, cold month.  But also light like happy and whimsical, which is something I need to be reminded to be, especially because I get caught up on making everything perfect, which, of course, can get in the way of having any fun.  I read a great column in Family Circle this month, and the author said what she remembered most about her mom during the holidays was how light she was-- happier, more relaxed, less serious-- and what a great way to be remembered.  Also, um, light.  Like STOP EATING AND DRINKING ALL OF THE THINGS MY GOD TAKE IT EASY YOU OLE SOAK.  So, I mean, there's that, too.

There you have it.

Holiday 2018 will be a time of light.

Like this:


  1. This just made me ugly-cry in my office. It's my first Christmas with mum gone, and the FC article you describe could have been written by me - Christmas was mum's FAVORITE holiday, and included 5 full-sized trees (each themed!) along with making an average of 2,000-3,000 Christmas cookies (and dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls and chex mix and puppy chow) that she sold in the community. But even all of that chaos never dimmed her joy and bright, bright light of coming together with family and friends during the holiday. What a perfect theme for you!

    Oh shit, crying again . . .

  2. I love this! I was just thinking about how I need to catch up on Happier again. And I love the motto, I think it's perfectly perfect, especially this year