Friday, November 16, 2018

Am Writing

I went back to the basics, you guys, and I forced myself to open my book doc everyday, even if I only write a paragraph or two.  The result?  Bye-bye shame spiral.  Also, I am relearning the truth I figured out in grad school:  YOU CANNOT WAIT FOR INSPIRATION TO STRIKE.  You have to write everyday, no matter what, even if you really don't want to.  And!  There is no perfect place to do it.  I mean, sure.  I wish it was all scented candles and soft music.  BUT that's never going to happen.  EVER.

Instead, I am writing at Whole Foods while I eat a quick curry chicken wrap before my adjunct class.

I am writing in my office.
 At home while the kids play cards.
 In my room while I do a TJ' face mask.
 At night when I would rather be watching a movie with the kids.
 At hockey practice while I wait for Harry to get off the ice.
A work in progress.  Again.

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