Saturday, November 24, 2018

Can you even?

I cannot even believe how big my tiny little kids are.  Harry is a SEVENTH GRADER.  And you know what?  His 7th grade year is halfway over.  He plays basketball for his middle school team, and he is in a Shakespeare play, and I swear to you it was just the other day that I was making these adorable little first birthday favors.
And Jack?

Is 10  T-E-N.  Almost 11.  WHEEEEEEEEN?

You guys would not even believe him on the diving board.

Cooper, thankfully, still has a little bit of baby in his fat hands and doughy feet and adorable mispronunciations.  But.  he can pull any book off the shelf and read it.  He is almost never up for a random cuddle anymore.  And also he has 6-pack abs and his Flinstone feet stink.

Dorothy had her 5-year well-child check (shut up-- I am running a little behind), which is the last check up that our HMO gives kids a book (a book that Cooper opened up and read to her while I chatted with the doc) (they are on the same check up schedule and have been for years because we always called them "the babies" which they are not anymore).  But she doesn't need an old picture book because she? Is already writing in her diary.

What is even happening??  When did they all grow up??

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