Sunday, November 11, 2018

What We're Eating This Week 46/52

NOTHING because we have either a fun thing (yay trivia!) or a kid thing EVERY DARN NIGHT.  Also!!  Harrison has decided he would like to be vegetarian for the week which ugh guys.  SO MANY BEANS.  I am trying to convince him to at least be a pescatarian because eggs are FINE and fish, too.  So, we'll see.  Also, DAIRY.  SO, I would like him to just stay clear of poultry and pork and beef for my own ease.

Anywho, I am making this vegetable soup, these enchiladas, this curried vegetable pot pie, and this pasta.  I don't know when.  (Like, all on Sunday?  Save one for later? Try to cook before work in the morning??)  When we will all eat it is a total effing mystery.


  1. So, drawing on my Portland background here, I think if he wants to be vegetarian eggs and dairy are still in. Pescatarian let’s you add fish. OR, go big and claim your veganism this week because that shit’s hard core.

  2. Vegetarians eat milk and eggs!!
    Elisabeth has had two vegetarian spurts.