Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Thanksgiving: 2 Years Makes a Tradition

We got things off to a super hygienic start:

 Cooper supervised the turkey's bath.
 He also helped make rolls
 As you can see, the kitchen got increasingly more trashed as the day went on.  The day I am referencing, by the way?  TUESDAY. The day I cooked all of the things.  ALL OF THEEEEEEEEM.
 Also?  We totally moved the room around, and I LIKE it.
 I bought all this cute stuff from Target for the kiddie table, but then I decided to just put it on the walls.  Dorothy loves to color the walls.

 Gorge turkey,
 Quick dog walk
 General clowning around:

 Dessert  ALEADY?

 MY TRIFLE!  LOOKED JUST LIKE THE PICTURE!  And you guys!  IT WAS SO GOOD.  I know if it very fall, and this is (FINALLY OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH!) the holiday season, but dudes, you guys, you HAVE to MAKE IT.

Smell you next year, Thanksgiving!

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